District 1

Commissioner Bridget Thorne

District 1 is located in North Fulton County, encompassing the city of Alpharetta, Johns Creek and parts of Roswell. According to the 2020 census data, the population of 179,620 citizens is 53% white, 12% black, and 21% Asian. District 1 has the largest White population of all the districts.
Of the 179,620 citizens of district 1, the middle-aged adult population is above average for Fulton County with people aged 45-54 making up 15.2% of the population. And people aged 85+ make up the smallest percentage coming to 1.2% of the population.
Of district 1 housing, 95.5% is occupied, which is above the Fulton County average. Of these, 70.6% of it is owned while 29.4% is rented.
District 1 also has the highest proportion of high-income households with over half the households having an income of over $100,000.
District 1, compared to the other Fulton county districts, has a higher than average amount of citizens with a bachelor’s or graduate’s degree with 41.8% having a bachelor’s and 26.4% having a graduate degree.