National Court Standards

About these Dashboards:

Courts have long sought a set of balanced and realistic performance measures that are practical to implement and use.  The follow dashboards designed  using the CourTools performance measures by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC); which will allow Fulton to compare itself to other jurisdictions. 
Measuring court performance can be a challenge. So understanding the steps involved in performance measurement can make the task easier and more likely to succeed. These dashboards support Fulton County's efforts toward improved court performance by helping: 
     • Clarify performance goals
     • Develop a measurement plan 
     • Document success
Effective measurement is key to managing court resources efficiently, letting the public know what your court has achieved, and helping to identify the benefits of improved court performance.  
The NCSC developed CourTools by integrating the major performance areas defined by the Trial Court Performance Standards with relevant concepts from other successful public- and private-sector performance measurement systems. This balanced set of court performance measures provides the judiciary with the tools to demonstrate effective stewardship of public resources. 
Being responsive and accountable is critical to maintaining the independence courts need to deliver fair and equal justice to the public.

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