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Emergency Assistance Applications: Terms & Definitions

Application Statuses
  • Application In Progress: Applicant has started an application, but has not finished & submitted the application for review.
  • Application Submitted: Applicant has finished and submitted the application. The application now awaits review.
  • Application Under Review: A submitted application that is currently being reviewed by a staff member.
  • Pending Applicant Information: Application was submitted and reviewed, but during review it was determined to be missing critical information. The applicant is notified and can edit their application to add the relevant information.
  • Denied: Application was reviewed and denied. For example, the applicant may live outside of the Fulton county service area, or did not meet the income requirements for eligibility.
  • Approved; Pending Payment: Application was reviewed and a payment was approved. Next, a check for that dollar amount will be cut and sent to the applicant, their landlord, or their utility company.
  • Approved; Pending Landlord: Application was reviewed and a payment was approved, but information from the landlord is needed before a check can be cut.
  • Paid: Application was reviewed, a payment was approved, and a check was written and disbursed to the applicant, landlord, or utility company.
  • Withdrawn: The application was withdrawn, and the review, approval, and payment processes have stopped. For example, a tenant may have been evicted and the landlord no longer needs a rental payment.
Other Terms
  • Fulton Service Area: The area within Fulton County, excluding the City of Atlanta. Also excludes all regions outside of Fulton County.