Jury Utilization

Jury Duty & Utilization

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Jury Duty is a civic obligation to serve as a deciding member of a case in a court of law. In local level courts, citizens are selected at random to be considered to serve on a jury.
Fulton County Jury Services recruits, manages, and provides jurors for all courts within the Justice Complex in Fulton County. With over 30,000 cases a year moving through Superior Court alone. An average of 26,000 jurors are summoned a year with a 75-80% show rate.
The following report will review data displaying jury utilization. The data collected was retrieved from monthly Case Management Binder formulated by Superior Court of Fulton County. The data was collected from the Binder Reports for June.

Jury Usage

Typically, Jury Services solicits jurors based on  the types of cases being heard and at a Judge's request. Based on the data collected for June, Jurors are more likely called for criminal than civil cases.

Issues & Factor

Jury Utilization measures are used to maximize the rate of qualified jurors and minimize unused jurors. There are legal procedural measure in place that allow attorneys and judges to excuse potential jurors. Because of this there is some accepted degree of unused jurors, and therefore financial loss. The graph here depicts the number of jurors requested, and the numbers of jurors excused for the during Voir Dire, dismissed, and those chosen for trial.
During the month of June, 7% of citizens summoned for Jury Duty were utilized to serve on trial. More research needs to be conducted to learn the national or state average of jury utilization. 
Some factors that impact the data can range. It is difficult to predict the types of cases that come into the court and if a jury will be required. Parties involved in litigation can also settle during the trial. Jurors may be removed by peremptory challenge and therefore, extra or alternative jurors may be requested.
Fulton County Jury Services work closely with judges to expedite the time potential jurors are in the courthouse.


All citizens summoned for Jury services are paid for their time. Because of this, effective Jury Utilization can help reduce costs. The data provided is a narrow view of the cost difference of jurors requested versus jurors selected for trial.


The data presented represents a small sample and for a more comprehensive understanding, more data is needed. This and data collected on Jury Usage can be used to identify utilization trends and opportunities for innovation.