Required Performance Indicators and Programmatic Data

This section provides an overview of the mandatory performance indicators and programmatic data that are required under the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Program.
Please note that there are no specific performance numbers to report specifically under these mandatory performance indicators at this time.  The County did not start spending of the Emergency Rental Assistance Program II dollars at this time; and the dedicated funds for Community Services Program Contracts that were not signed until August 2021.  This data will be collected and reported on future reports once the contracts are fully executed and programs are underway.
a. Household Assistance (EC 2.2 & 2.5) and  Housing Support (EC 3.10-3.12):
  • Number of people or households receiving eviction prevention services (including legal representation)
  • Number of affordable housing units preserved or developed
b. Negative Economic Impacts (EC 2):
  • Number of workers enrolled in sectoral job training programs
  • Number of workers completing sectoral job training programs
  • Number of people participating in summer youth employment programs
c. Education Assistance (EC 3.1-3.5):
  • Number of students participating in evidence-based tutoring programs
d. Healthy Childhood Environments (EC 3.6-3.9):
  • Number of children served by childcare and early learning (pre-school/pre-K/ages 3- 5)
  • Number of families served by home visiting