All People are Healthy

Creating a healthy community depends on three key factors – the adoption of healthy behaviors by county residents, the availability and quality of the health care services that those residents receive, and the physical environment in which those individuals live, work and play.  The County plays an important role in all three aspects. It educates and encourages residents to follow practices that lead to better health. It also provides direct care to many residents – at its facilities and through contracts with other organizations. Finally, Fulton County has a responsibility to deliver safe drinking water and wastewater services, ensure that residences and businesses are maintained in a manner that does not compromise public health, and monitor food establishments to make sure that they are operated consistent with healthy practices.
Strategic Level Measures 
The Strategic-Level Performance Dashboard presents measures which often extend beyond the power of one department or even the county government to affect on its own, but we believe improvements can be made in these areas through cooperation between departments and through partnerships with other government agencies, non-profits and the private sector.

Objective 1: Prevention Through Healthier Behavior 

Objective 2: Reduced Rates of Disease

Objective 3: Better Access to Care

Objective 4: Healthier Environment

Objective 5: Access to Healthy Foods