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Report on the Use of CARES Act Payments to Fulton County as provided through the Coronavirus Relief Fund

Community Relief

Community relief includes funding for non-profit community organizations who provide assistance in the areas of residential services, homelessness and economic relief.
Approximately fifty non-profit agencies were funded to provide community relief assistance to individuals and households across Fulton County. 
Assistance included economic assistance and food assistance. Economic assistance was provided in the form of rent and mortgage subsidies and utility payments.  Food assistance was provided in the form of food delivery meal delivery and grocery subsidies.


Organizations Reporting
The Fulton County Office of Strategy and Performance Management requested data from Community Partners funded through Fulton County Community Assistance Funding, to be received by close of business on 2020-09-11. This is the percent of organizations who have reported their data so far, and the two bar charts below include data from only those organizations who have reported.
Note: An "Unknown" city bar appears either because an organization did not provide an address for one more more individuals served, or because a given address was incomplete/incorrect and the city could not be determined with geocoding.